By CrissCross, Sep 7 2016 01:42PM

Stafford was a busy and exciting show, where we had the chance to chat to new people and discuss new ideas.

Now we are looking forward to Miniatura, this will be the 4th time we have been there and for us the novelty has yet to wear off ! We are trying to restock after a series of good shows, what we really need is more hours in the day!

By CrissCross, Aug 28 2016 12:17PM

Next weekend we are going to the Stafford show, run by Doreen Jeffries. As we have not exhibited at this show before we are very excited about it, and looking forward to meeting lots of new people.

By CrissCross, May 7 2016 04:19PM

We are very pleased to announce the release of a short documentary made by Poplar Productions about our work. We hope you enjoy finding out more about us.

Search for Criss Cross Miniatures on Youtube, or click on the new link on our home page.

By CrissCross, Apr 19 2016 08:19PM

Miniatura was amazing with at least 130 stands full of beautiful thngs. We followed that with a small show in Lincolnshire where we also enjoyed ourselves. This coming weekend we will be in the New Forest at Lyndhurst revisiting the show where we took our very first table. Then we were nervous and worried that our things might not be good enough, now we are looking forward to returning, and hope to see you there.

By CrissCross, Apr 1 2016 04:29PM

We are still franticaly trying to get things finished for Miniatura tomorrow.

The good news is we will definitely be able to take the art Deco Sideboard with us which David has just finished!



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